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The Vision



Royal Envoys Inc. is a green pasture church with a mandate to raise envoys extraordinaire [Ambassadors for Christ that are outstanding and extraordinary] that will bring healing and wholeness to their world! [Proverbs 13:17 NIV].

Royal Envoys is Jesus CIA (Christ Invasion Army) tasked with the peculiar mission of RAISING ENVOYS EXTRAORDINAIRE (Christ`s Personal Representatives, also known as, FBI JESUS-Firm Believers In JESUS) using JESUS CIA (Compassion In Action). Royal Envoys Inc. is commissioned by God to make Jesus known to men the way they have never known before! We are out to help men out and make lives count by the power of the Spirit of God! 

The Mission



Bringing everyday Jesus to everyday people with everyday issues through the teaching, preaching, and modelling of the Word of the Kingdom. Preaching the Kingdom of God, and teaching the things which concern the Lord Jesus Christ, with all confidence, without prohibition is our passion. [Acts 28:31].

Dr. Michael Koku

Dr. Michael Koku

principal envoy

Dr. Michael Koku is a trained Physician, an Executive Director, Speaker, Coach, and Trainer with the Maxwell Leadership Certified Team who has trained professionals in different fields like education, healthcare, business, media, and non-profits on more than three continents both in person and virtual with outstanding results. Dr. Michael is known for taking complex ideas and making them simple and sticky so your team can learn, retain, and apply. 

He brings his strong work ethic as a physician through long hours of training over multiple years into his speaking, training, and working with organizations for leadership development and organizational change but unlike many physicians, he is uniquely position because of his relational skills and an out-of-the box thinking!

As an Executive Director of the Maxwell Leadership Certified Team led by Dr. John C. Maxwell, a top world-class leadership expert, Dr. Michael specializes in:




*Personal Growth and Development,

*The Maxwell Method for Professional Advancement,

*The Maxwell Speaking Club,

*Facilitating the Maxwell Leadership Game Experience and 

*Behavioral Assessment using the Maxwell Method of DISC Personality Style. 

He also has access to depth of Leadership contents from Dr. John Maxwell to pull from to bring about the much-needed change that your organization is yearning for. His contents are captured in this simple acronym, CLEAR: Communication, Leadership, Equipping, Attitude, and Relationship.

Dr. Michael is also the Principal Envoy of Royal Envoys Inc. [A green pasture church mandated to raise EXTRAORDINARY ENVOYS], 

the host of LAMP [Leadership Advancement Mentorship Podcast], the Chief Visionary of ESPERANZA MANIFOLD CONCEPTS LLC [A Leadership, Personal Growth & Executive Coaching Enterprise] and the LAMP Global Community, a global leadership community and a conducive growth environment committed to ATTRACTING, DEVELOPING, and MULTIPLYING LEADERS!

You can connect with Dr. Michael Koku via these channels: 

Debbie Koku

Debbie Koku

Principal envoy

Adebola Koku RN BSN is a Registered Nurse in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania and currently a post graduate student in Leadership and Management at the Western Governors University Salt Lake, Utah. She is a very passionate and focused nursing professional with more than 20 years of proven clinical experience in healthcare field coupled with an exceptional blend of creativity and innovative skills.

She is the Outreach Director of Community Outreach Philadelphia Esperanza (COPE), a community outreach arm of Royal Envoys Inc. that specializes in reaching out to the homeless and people on the street in the City of Philadelphia, giving them hope and ministering to them physically, psychologically, and spiritually.

1. COPE [City Of Philadelphia Esperanza



COPE [City Of Philadelphia Esperanza], our community outreach mandated with a passion to bring the HOPE of the gospel to the City of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. We visit with help and minister genuine care to people everywhere in the City of Philadelphia, starting from the homeless on the streets [our honored guests], shelters, nursing homes, group homes, hospitals, hospice care, Juvenile Centers, Correction Centers. COPE started June 2015 and we have been able to touch so many lives in so many ways in so many places in the City of Philadelphia.

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Financial Peace University is the nine-lesson course that teaches you the step-by-step plan to win with money and gives you all the tools you need to work it. It’s easy to feel like you’re the only one in your situation.


FPU classes meet once a week for nine weeks to go through one lesson each week. The sessions usually last one hour to 90 minute to give plenty of time for activities and discussions. In fact, the average FPU graduate is debt-free in two years or less! But no matter where you are on your financial journey—sitting at rock bottom or just trying to do better—we’ve seen this class work for millions of people who:

*Have a huge amount of debt
*Have nothing saved for retirement
*Can’t get on the same page with their spouse about money
*Are facing a financial crisis
*Are newly widowed or divorced
*Are living paycheck to paycheck
*Have a low to average income
*Can’t keep up with their bills

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Our publishing arm just published five new books: 4 KEYS FOR EFFECTIVE LEADERSHIP [A book on how to be effective as a leader], 5 KEYS FOR EFFECTIVE NETWORKING [A book on how to effectively network with people], and THE BEAUTIFUL PEOPLE [A book on the significance of surrounding yourself with the right kind of people], UNDERSTANDING MEDICAL SCHOOL 2.0 and INSIGHTFUL QUOTES: YOUR INCISIVE THOUGHTS’ TRIGGER! 

Published Books

Best Sellers

Happy Readers




This is a children ministry where children are taught the fear of the Lord in a creative, inspiring, educative, and fun way using visual aids and positive role modelling.




This is our youth arm that serves youth both inside and outside of the church with innovative, educative, inspiring, and life-changing programs designed to raise the leaders of tomorrow to reach their full potential.



This is a Women Ministry to raise home makers and world shakers, global women with an extraordinary and family life. The vision is from Ruth 3:11.



A forum to challenge and strengthen men and women who has lost focus on their God-given vision. Getting them back on their feet again to fulfill the call of God on their lives. [Colossians 4:17].


Expect Better Things

Expect Better Things

“…We are CONFIDENT that you are MEANT for BETTER THINGS, things that come with salvation.” – Hebrews 6:9 New Living Translation. “…I HAVE BETTER THINGS in MIND for you—SALVATION THINGS!” – Hebrews 6:9 Message Bible. The EBT NOW Story When I was in medical school,...

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Persistent Faith – Part 4

Persistent Faith – Part 4

“Let us firmly hold the profession of our faith without wavering, for He who promised is faithful.” – Hebrews 10:23 Modern English Version. Today's teaching focuses on the crucial aspect of putting your persistent faith to work. Faith without works is dead, as stated...

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