TLC [The LAMP Consortium] is an ALLIANCE of Leaders collaborating for greater works, executing global assignments, and RAISING LEADERS of TOMMOROW for a BETTER TOMORROW! 

LAMP simply means Leadership Advancement Mentorship Platform and TLC personalities are the nucleus of the LAMP Global Community.

At the LAMP Global Community, we ATTRACT, DEVELOP, and MULTIPLY LEADERS all around the world to be more effective leaders in all the 8 streams of influence, GSB FRAME:

*Government  *Sport *Business *Family  *Religion

*Arts & Entertainment  *Media. *Education


TLC Personalities are distinguished professionals who live in different parts of the world but are united by a vision of something truly worth living for, something that calls for the best of our amazing talents, time, energy, and focus. 


TLC PERSONALITIES collaborate with the Chief Visionary Officer, Dr. Michael Koku.

Here is the thought process of Dr. Michael that led to the creation of TLC [The LAMP Consortium]: 


Teamwork is at the center of phenomenal accomplishments and once we recognize its value, we can then become better collaborators. President Lyndon Johnson said, “There Are No Problems We Cannot Solve Together And Very Few We Can Solve By Ourselves.”


Teamwork is the heart of great achievement.

Teams involve more people, thus affording more resources, ideas, and energy.

Teams benefit from multiple perspectives. 


Lysa Mandip

*Lysa Mandip is Cameroonian born and a current resident of King of Prussia in Pennsylvania, US. She is a Maxwell Leadership Certified Speaker, Coach, and Trainer with a passion to help young girls and women fulfill their dreams and live a purpose driven life!

She is a self-motivated Business and Marketing professional, with an MBA and special diplomas in Marketing, Advertising, Sales, and Public Relations.

She had served in different leadership roles in varied industries across different nations which has given her the ability to work well with people of diverse Cultures.

She currently works in the homecare industry as the Community Relations Director for Labelle Homecare King of Prussia, Pennsylvania for close to three years. She is an entrepreneur, and mom to 2 beautiful girls.

Kikelola Emechafor

* Kikelola Emechafor (CTDP) is a certified Leadership Coach with the Maxwell Leadership team and a certified Learning and Development professional with the Institute for Performance and Learning. With over 10 years of experience in learning design, training, and coaching, she specializes in consulting with business leaders to plan, design and develop flexible, accessible, and scalable learning frameworks and strategies that help achieve business goals.

Kikelola is a loving wife and mother to three wonderful boys, an author and an associate Pastor at Kingdom life Victory Church in Alberta, Canada where she uses her skill and knowledge to contribute to the growth and development of the congregation. As an advocate for personal growth and development, she shares her passion by empowering career and business professionals with knowledge and tools for leadership and purposeful living in her periodic Validate Your Purpose workshops. She is also an active volunteer, serving as an event anchor for the Institute for Performance and Learning and a founding member of TLC [The LAMP Consortium].

Funmi Olayinka

*Funmi Olayinka is a multi-talented individual who brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to various areas. As a Maxwell Leadership Certified Speaker, Coach, Author, and Trainer, she has consistently delivered outstanding results while supporting professionals in diverse fields. In addition to her impressive credentials, Funmi is also a trained Registered Nurse and a dedicated mother to two nations. Together with her husband, she serves as a pastor at RCCG, The Lighthouse in London, ON. 

Funmi is not only passionate about her role as a pastor and mother but also about empowering women in leadership. At the forefront of her endeavors is the Inspired Mentoring Academy, a transformative academy aimed at helping women achieve their personal and professional goals. Funmi is the visionary lead and host of this academy, which seeks to inspire and empower women to embrace greatness and make a positive impact in their respective spheres of influence. 

Additionally, she hosts the Gem Woman, a monthly subscription-based platform designed to encourage women to pursue their God-sized dreams. Furthermore, Funmi shares her wisdom and insights through her YouTube channel, where she hosts the Inspire Circle. This platform serves as a source of inspiration and motivation for her audience. Running her own coaching company, Funmi is dedicated to supporting individuals and organizations in attaining excellence and reaching their peak performance in life. Check out her website

Sophia Okunowo

Sophia Bolanle Okunowo is a dedicated servant of the divine, finding profound joy in the tapestry of everyday life. Her inner and outer beauty radiates through her every endeavor. With a solid educational background, she holds a Bachelor’s degree in Banking and Finance, complemented by a Masters Degree in Managerial Psychology. Sophia gracefully wears multiple hats, serving as a loving wife and mother to three remarkable sons, a prolific writer, accomplished author, and an esteemed pastor at a thriving church. Her dynamic presence extends to the role of a conference speaker, where she imparts wisdom and inspiration.

Sophia is a seasoned entrepreneur and co-facilitator of Kisses and Huggs Club Conferences, where she engages with both singles and married individuals. Her heartfelt passion lies in empowering women and ladies of all ages and social strata, guiding them on a path to fulfill their life’s purpose, savor the joys of marriage, and embrace their divine calling within matrimony. Together with her husband, Dunamis, Sophia reaches countless couples and singles across diverse nations through their daily devotional. She is a proud member of the Women in Leadership League, exemplifying her commitment to fostering female leadership.

Sophia and her husband jointly oversee the “7-week Ultimate Marriage Course: Reconnect and Renew” an online Course, enriching the lives of many seeking to strengthen their relationships. For further engagement and inspiration, you can connect with Sophia via their website at In the picturesque city of Ibadan, Nigeria, Sophia and her beloved husband live in a joyful home, where their love and devotion continue to inspire those around them.

Dr. Oludare Osiboye

*Dr. Oludare Osiboye holds two Bachelor of Science Degrees in Industrial Chemistry and Health Education, a Post Graduate Diploma in Public Administration, a Post Graduate Diploma in Education, a master’s degree in Personnel Psychology, Health Education, Anthropology, Diplomacy & Strategic Studies, and a Doctoral Degree in Applied Anthropology.

A versatile intellectual of repute, with over two decades of experience in the world of work and research, he is a recipient of various prestigious awards recognizing his immense contributions to the corporate growth of public and private organizations. He has taken several trainings in leadership, communication, and personal growth on Dr. John Maxwell`s world-class resources facilitated by Maxwell Leadership Team member, Dr. Michael Koku. 

He is also a member of the Institute of Chartered Chemist as well as being a Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Public Diplomacy & Management.

A profound writer, Dr. Osiboye has contributed many write-ups on the critical issues of human development in various cultures of Africa.

Oluwatoyin Puddicombe

*Oluwatoyin Puddicombe is a medical student turned Human Resources Professional after discovering the connection between natural abilities and career fit and the negative consequences of a mismatch. Now she recruits, teaches, trains, and coaches budding and established professionals to DISCOVER the careers that are aligned with their natural talents, DEVELOP their competencies through fit-for-purpose capacity-building programs, and leverage that to DEMONSTRATE their capacity in the workplace.

She is an Internationally Certified Senior Professional in Human Resources, Associate Member Chartered Institute of Personnel Management, Associate Member, Institute of Professional Recruitment Consultants, Nigeria, a Project Management Certification from the Project Management College, UK and a Certified Career Analyst (CCA).

Being passionate about fitting right talents with right roles, she partners with organizations, using a multi-pronged approach via multiple channels including e-networking platforms like LinkedIn, to acquire quality talent and harness their skills optimally to achieve business objectives. She has succeeded in doing this within multiple sectors including Consulting, Insurance, and Broadcast Media, and across the 6 Nigerian Geopolitical Zones.

She has also done this in an advisory capacity in West Africa and the United Kingdom. 


🥇 Co-developed Competency Framework and Career Map.

🥇 Designed Interview Scoring Model and candidate assessment process.

🥇 Designed and executed Graduate Trainee Assessment Centre, a first for the organization.

🥇 Implemented a structural change for the organization from a departmental to a team model.

🥇 Project Led Employee Engagement Initiatives. 

🥇 Implemented HR life cycle from Entry to Exit for organizations.

🥇 Designed the curriculum and created in-house faculty for Training Academy.

🥇 Developed policies and procedures, for seamless implementation of HR best practices.

🏆 Publish The Talent Guide, Newsletter, featured 6 times in the “LinkedIn Newsletters to Explore”.

🏆 Founder, Toyin Talks Talent (T3). Supported over 30 career professionals with jobs and promotions. Delivered training sessions and facilitated sponsorships to developmental programs. 

Her Skills and Competencies are in Talent Acquisition and Management, People, Process and Stakeholder Management, Strategy Design and Implementation, Learning & Development, Performance and Reward Management, and Succession Planning.

Oluwafunmike Sopein-Mann

Director, Women in Leadership League (WILL) | Regulatory Pharmacist | Global Health Professional | Project Manager

Oluwafunmike is a pharmacist with over two decades of experience in the industry, community, regulatory pharmacies, and global public health.

Mindful of the needs of the vulnerable women and girls for quality, safe and efficacious medicines which include reproductive health commodities, Oluwafunmike  leverages her strategic positioning within the specialized public health organization (WAHO)  of the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) that allows her to interact with the West Africa region’s topmost political leaders, community leaders, decision makers, technical and financial partners, to strengthen the capacities of national and regional institutions  such as the  National Medicines Regulatory Authorities (Competent Authority), training institutions of nurses and midwives, the regional pharmaceutical manufacturing companies with the focus to remain sustainable while ensuring compliance to Good Regulatory Practice requirements.

She is a Board of Director in some reputable companies and recently became the Director of the WILL and a TLC Personality (The LAMP Consortium). She is also a Minister of God in The Covenant Nation (TCN) where she leads one of the Women in Leadership Community Groups and Coordinates the Prayer Department of the electronic Library. 

 She is passionate about leadership, prayer, and the workability of the word of God.

Jaresha Moore Smith

Jaresha Moore Smith, MBA is the Founder/CEO of Empower On Purpose, LLC , where she provide leadership training and personal and professional development coaching and consulting services; Executive Director and Certified Coach, Speaker and Trainer for Maxwell Leadership Team, best-selling author, success and empowerment coach with over 18 years of combined experience in Education, Finance, Healthcare, and Business Management and Development and Sales; Owner of Envisioned Broadcasting Radio Station and host of Empower Hour with Jaresha. 

Born and raised in Dayton Ohio, Jaresha ‘s passion lies in motivating, inspiring and empowering emerging leaders, entrepreneurs, and business professionals. Jaresha is a member of (WiBN) Women in Business Network, (NAPW) National Association of Professional Women, (ACHE) American College of Healthcare Executives and (POWER) Professional Organization of Women of Excellence Recognized and an active Board Member of Human Race Theatre Company. 

Okiemute Olori

Okiemute Olori is a highly motivated, result-focused, well-accomplished Media and theatre Practitioner with proven results and hands-on experience of over 25 years. A Television presenter, producer/director, communicator, actress, women’s advocate, political strategist, and administrator. She is also a Maxwell Leadership Certified Speaker, Coach, and Trainer.

Dr. Adeola Deji-Ayo

Meet TLC Personality, Dr. Adeola Ayo, a Public Health Physician and current doctoral candidate in health services management and policy at East Tennessee State University (ETSU), Johnson City, Tennessee. 

Dr. Ayo’s research focuses on understanding and addressing tobacco use and other substance use among adolescents. Dr. Ayo received a master’s in public health (MPH) degree from the prestigious Royal Tropical Institute (KIT), Vrije Universiteit, the Netherlands.

With over a decade of experience in the field of global health, she has made significant contributions to global health, including HIV prevention and treatment, Gender, and Gender-based Violence/Intimate Partner Violence prevention and response, and Health Systems Strengthening.

Dr. Adeola Ayo’s unwavering dedication to enhancing population health, particularly among vulnerable and under-served communities, positions her as an indispensable asset in public health research and practice.

Dr. Kelechi Eleanya

Dr. Kelechi Eleanya is an International Development expert with over 15 years’ experience in research and project management focused on sustainable development and livelihoods. He worked on the United Nations Millennium Villages Project contributing to community – empowered decision making for poverty reduction to achieve the Millennium Development Goals. He holds a Ph.D. in Forest Resources Policy, and his interests are Forest-based livelihoods, Climate Change and environmental policy analysis.

He speaks at global events such as Geneva Peace Week. He was a Fellow at the World Resources Institute in Washington DC and over the last couple of years he has been in the forefront of leading sustainable land restoration in Sub- Saharan Africa through multi-stakeholder engagement and partnerships. He is a Senior Fellow at the Global Evergreening Alliance and Director at the Evergreening Network for Forest and Land Restoration where he contributes to land restoration efforts through partnerships with communities and organizations.

Dr. Ayo Adenuga

Dr. Ayo Adenuga is a public health physician, speaker, capacity-building expert, and founder of Action for Teens and Mums Health and Ace Parenting LLC. She has over 21years of health program implementation and leadership experience in USA and Sub-Saharan Africa. Dr. Ayo graduated from the University of Ibadan with a Medical Degree; Master of Public Health from the University of Lagos; Diploma in Healthcare Management and leadership, Westford School of Management, Dubai; and MBA University of Maryland Global Campus, USA. She is enrolled in the John Maxell Leadership Program.

Leadership positions:
  Chairperson – Action Group for Adolescent Health, University of Ibadan
  Social Secretary – Association of Ogun State Medical Association, UI
  Associate Chair – Alexander Brown Medical Students Editorial Group
  Manager, Client Services – Hygeia HMO, Lagos, Nigeria
  Senior Prog Officer & Snr Associate – Clinton Health Access Initiative, Nigeria
  Program Manager – Evon Medics LLC, MD USA
  Project Leader – Emmes LLC, MD USA – 

Ace Parenting is a parenting and coaching organization. I empower parents and caregivers worldwide by providing programs and products that enhance their parenting skills, fostering world-class resilient teenagers who can make a global impact. My mission is to help parents navigate the challenges of adolescence, enhance relationships, and boost their parenting influence and confidence, leading to more fulfilling personal and professional lives.

With over 20 years of experience, I empower adolescents and working women to live healthier, more productive lives through customized preventive health programs and talks. I’m a person of faith, a wife, and a mother of three – two teenagers and one pre-teen. I’m passionate about serving others, building capacity, and inspiring positive change.

Dr. Opeyemi Alao

Dr. Opeyemi Oluwatoyosi Alao is an experienced and dedicated administrative professional with a passion for organizational efficiency and team support. With over 15 years of experience in administrative roles in government and non-governmental establishments. 

She presently works in the Nigerian Space Agency. Dr. Opeyemi has a proven track record of delivering exceptional support to executive teams and ensuring smooth operation. 

She is passionate about knowledge and have bagged degrees in Technology, Administration, Management and Space Law.

Outside of work, Opeyemi is an avid reader and enjoys staying up-to-date with industry trends and best practices in the administrative field. She enjoys cooking, singing, listening to music and spending quality time with family and friends. A keen believer in the resurrection power of Christ Jesus who loves to see people rise up in hope and never lay back on their backs even when it seems that’s all that life has to offer.

Dr. Angelina Aduke Toluhi

TLC Personality, Dr. Angelina Aduke Toluhi, is a Public Health Physician and a doctoral candidate at the University of Alabama at Birmingham, Birmingham, Alabama. 

Dr. Toluhi is a highly experienced public health, and development professional and has contributed significantly to public health and health development in Nigeria and other African countries particularly in the areas of maternal, newborn and child health and nutrition (MNCHN), HIV/PMTCT, Polio eradication, immunization, global health, and public health research. 

 In 2020, she was awarded the American Association of University Women’s (AAUW) 2020-21 International Fellow. 

She has received several awards for her work and research including the Nutrition International’s Innovator of the Year award in 2016 and the Society for Maternal and Fetal Medicine’s Award of Research Excellence in 2022.

Grace Krobo-Edusei

Ceo, Grace Centre For Growth And Excellence

Grace is a Lay Pastor, Executive Program Leader, DISC Trainer, Speaker, Coach and Entrepreneur. She is licensed with The John Maxwell Leadership Team; an elite World Leader in Leadership, Coaching and Training Development. She is also a Neuroencoding Specialist, Licensed Brain Health Trainer.

Her core competencies are in Leadership Development, Personal Growth, and Corporate Wellness. She is passionate about adding value and transforming lives by helping people and organizations realize their ultimate goals.  

Motto: It is not about what’s in it for me but how I can add value.

Dr. Bunmi Fatungase

Dr. Oluwabunmi Fatungase is the first female Chief Medical Director of OOUTH [Olabisi Onabanjo University Teaching Hospital] Sagamu, Ogun State, Nigeria. She is a Senior Researcher and a Consultant Anesthetist with special interest in Regional Techniques, Pediatric Anesthesia and Palliative Care. Dr. Fatungase was the former Head of Department of Anesthesia and Intensive care at the teaching hospital and the Obafemi Awolowo College of Health Sciences, Ikenne, and served as the substantive Chairman, Medical Advisory Committee of the hospital from January 2019 to 2022.

She is very passionate about women in leadership and women inspiring women to become the best version of themselves. She aspires to become a strong, courageous leader that thrives in fields where men dare to tread and add value to human lives in different areas of relationship, empowering youths, marriages, and women to become the best version of themselves. She is happily married to Dr. Kehinde Fatungase and blessed with lovely children.

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