Taking control of your schedule and time enhances your ability to positively engage life challenges.
-Erad Eyobiso.

Elaw Nues was a University Librarian in Nigeria at the time. She worked from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. during the week, and she made sure her evenings and weekends were free. Her relationship with her husband was more like a fictional romance superimposed on reality. They were never seen tossing a disagreement or a twisting through conflict. Her three sons were wonderful lads too. They perfectly understood the disposition and sentiments of their parents to issues.

Elaw made sure she had quality time for herself, her husband, and her sons. With a stunning figure and a charming smile, she was always appearing to  have it all together, every time. 

Perhaps, you have started desiring the personality of Elaw…she must have been an angel, you imagined!

Yes, you are not alone in that imagination.A number of women get trapped in their imaginations, feeling women like Elaw ‘have it all’.They figured that these rare type of women in euphoric state of handling their affairs are perfect beings from another world! What they perceived, however, is not a perfect being, but iconic examples of women who work things out diligently. They routinely plan their day and deploy their talents, abilities, and their skills to drive the noble desires they want intentionally. They do not allow their lives to just drift by. They are masters in time allotment and its management.

There is no superwoman anywhere,but like Elaw Nues, there are women who diligently ‘sort’ themselves out.

Instead of getting up on a daily basis to confront the plethora of seemingly insurmountable tasks at home and at work, it is best to use few minutes at the beginning or at the end of the day to note down what you would like to achieve the following day. Noting things down will always aid focus and delivery. And crossing off each task accomplished as the day rolls bye will always boost the “feel good” confidence.

The strength it takes to keep going at home and at work are often gotten from the ‘feel good’ confidence derivable from being in control of one’s time and schedule day by day.

Call to action: Do you write down things you want to do on a daily basis?

Do you follow through with the activities in your notes every day?

Do you feel confident when you achieve the activities in your notes within the day?