In a small village nestled among rolling hills, a young woman found herself facing an inner struggle. She yearned to discover her purpose and make a difference in the world, but self-doubt held her back.

This is a true story of a friend who felt she was made for more and wanted to find joy in seeing herself become someone significant in life. She wanted to live above the struggles of life’s routine as a wife, mother, and teacher.

She was tired of the status quo. ‘I know I am more than this” was her everyday inner nagging voice. What can I do? What do I do so well and naturally? She seems not to be getting answers.

Before this she found herself always loving to collect waste, what we consider ‘useless’ she collected used plastic bottles. different sizes, used nylons, boxes, bottles, bottle covers, old car tires etc.

She started gathering and teaching young school children how to make all this waste into artworks. She taught the women around her to grow vegetables in old car tires, broken buckets, and other containers.

News of her creative works started spreading. Schools started inviting her to decorate their parks and train young children in this beautiful craft.

She became the founder of the first Waste Museum in Africa, where she turned waste into wealth.

Today let this story inspire you. Look inward. Don’t call your gifts and talents ‘waste’. Listen to your inner self and discover your real self.