Navigate Other People Part 2

To successfully NAVIGATE OTHER PEOPLE, Dr. John Maxwell offered these five insightful suggestions,

A Navigator:

[1]. Identifies the destination.

[2]. Plots the course.

[3]. Thinks ahead.

[4]. Makes Course corrections.

[5]. Stays with the people.

Identifying the destination is about finding out:

[1]. What they cry about [what touches their heart].

[2]. What they sing about [what gives them joy].

[3]. What they dream about [their inspiring picture of a great future].

Plotting the course is about Where they need to go, what they need to know, and how they need to grow. 

For the thinking ahead piece, here are four things you should help them understand as they get underway:

[1]. Everybody faces problems.

[2]. Successful people face more problems than unsuccessful people.

[3]. Money doesn`t solve problems.

[4]. Problems provide an opportunity for growth. 

In making course corrections:

[1]. Teach them not to listen to doubting critics.

[2]. Coach them not to be overwhelmed by challenges.

[3]. Encourage them to seek simple solutions.

[4]. Instill confidence in them.

The last piece is simply STAYING with the people you are guiding. You don’t just give directions and walk away. You travel alongside your people as a friend.