Courage Amid Chaos

A young lady called Emily and her sister, Lily, lived in a small town. They loved each other and were close. Emily was two years older than Lily and so got married earlier than her sister.

They both love children and started having children after their weddings. Emily had a total of ten children while her sister had four.

Life was unfair and soon Emily was discovered with cancer after she delivered her last baby. Eventually, she passed on. But before she died, she had made Lily promise to take care of all her ten children never allowing them to be separated.

This was a very huge task. After her death, Lily was faced with taking care of 14 children. Her husband couldn’t handle this and they separated. Through her resilience, hard work, love, courage, and determination, she pulled through.

They were eventually supported by an NGO that provided decent accommodation and took care of all 15 of them.

Let this story of love, determination, resilience, and perseverance in difficulty inspire you never to give up. You might be facing a very difficult situation; have faith that good days are on the way. Love people and be willing to sacrifice for them.