[A Teaching Monday]

“Power isn’t control at all—it’s the ability to empower others.” – Veronica Roth.

Our focus today on ATM is the ninth quality of a POSITIVE INFLUENCER using the acronym INFLUENCER, the ninth alphabet is E = Empowering people.

Discovering the extraordinary journey of Helen Keller and her teacher, Anne Sullivan, unveils the significance of empowering people. At just 19 months old, Helen faced a devastating illness that rendered her both deaf and blind, plunging her into a world of isolation and communication struggles. However, her life took a remarkable turn when Anne Sullivan, a dedicated and innovative teacher, entered the picture.

Anne’s approach to empowering Helen was extraordinary. Using sign language, she patiently spelled words into Helen’s hand, helping her bridge the gap between language and tactile sensations. The breakthrough moment came when the word “water” was spelled while water was poured over Helen’s hand. Suddenly, the connection clicked, and Helen embarked on a transformative journey of communication and understanding.

Helen’s world expanded as she learned sign language, Braille, and even speech. Her journey did not stop there—she became an advocate for people with disabilities, an acclaimed author, and a captivating public speaker. Helen Keller’s story teaches us that empowerment is not about making others powerful, but about providing them with the tools and resources to unlock their own potential.

True leadership, as emphasized by Microsoft founder Bill Gates, lies in empowering others. By enabling individuals to be their best selves and achieve their goals, leaders create a ripple effect of positive change. Empowerment is the cornerstone of effective mentoring and the key to becoming a positive influencer.

Empowering people means giving them the confidence and support to act independently, rather than dictating their every move. It involves recognizing their inherent capabilities and helping them unleash their hidden strengths. As Jim Rohn, an acclaimed author and entrepreneur, pointed out, every other life form strives to its maximum potential, except human beings. We possess the dignity of choice—to be all that we can be or settle for less. Why not rise to the challenge and explore our true capabilities?

In a world where empowerment becomes the driving force, lives are transformed, and positive change reverberates. Helen Keller’s story exemplifies the incredible impact of empowering others reminding us that we can unlock the untapped potential within individuals when we empower them! 

Dr. John Maxwell and Jim Dornan in BECOMING A PERSON OF INFLUENCE, identify 7 tips on HOW TO EMPOWER OTHERS TO THEIR POTENTIAL: [1]. Evaluate Them. [2]. Model for Them. [3]. Give Them Permission to Succeed. [4]. Transfer Authority to Them. [5]. Publicly Show Your Confidence in Them. [6]. Supply Them with Feedback. [7]. Release Them to Continue on Their Own.