Getting Devoted Without Being Devoured

Nisot Awoyam was a Nigerian lady who lived in one of the country’s border towns in the 80s. Acclaimed to be a self-styled ‘Herds Woman’ with over 7000 cattle in her ranch, she also had formidable interests in teaching, farming, and mass production of yam flour for the neighboring countries in her city’s neighborhood.

Nisot cultivated her passion for animal husbandry when as a teenager, she began following cattle herders around in Saki City. Years later, she became an Agricultural science teacher after graduating from University, but couldn’t get away from her passion for raising cows, sheep, and goats. Her production venture into yam flour, after her marriage to her heartthrob eventually became a success after much toil..Blessed with twins on two occasions, she demonstrated that it is possible to be a loyal wife, a dedicated mother, an outstanding employee, and a successful entrepreneur.

Having multiple areas of career interests can be very rewarding if they align with one’s talent effortlessly.

.However, exploring entire new fields often requires extra time and energy. It is especially tasking if the demands of more than one career interest are daunting, and it is difficult to decide on the ones to give up.

At that point, one could be operating on the thing line between getting devoted or getting devoured by one’s unrelated interests.

It is therefore important to finetune one’s interest in a way that one does not experience burnout by trying to be effective in areas that are grossly unrelated to one’s talent.

Call to Action:

(1) What makes you devoured in following a career path?

2) Are you feeling devoured by multitasking?

3) Would you rather be devoted to a task-driven by your talent or get devoured by trying hard to be effective in areas that are grossly unrelated to your talents?