According to Mary Kay Ash, the founder of Mary Kay Cosmetics, there are three types of people in the world: those who make things happen, those who watch things happen, and those who wonder what happened. Many of us have been sleepwalking through life. We follow the paths of least resistance and generally just go with the flow of things.

The thing is that water flows downhill, not uphill. That means if you want to go higher in life, you cannot just go with the flow. You must be intentional and take steps to actively move your life in the direction you want it to go. However, you will not change or leave where you are until you see where you would rather be. What are you seeing about the different aspects of your life?

Many times, in life, we experience what is called “cognitive tunneling.” This is a mental state where a person is so locked in on something in them that they do not see the big picture. Vision is seeing the big picture. You need to see beyond your day-to-day activities. Successful people develop their vision by first permitting themselves to dream. They do not allow their environment and daily activities to limit their ability to dream. Give yourself permission to dream and visualize the life you want.

One way successful people do this is by creating a vision board. Terri Savelle-Foy describes a vision board as a collage of pictures and images depicting one’s dreams. The vision board allows you to realize and clarify your dreams and goals using pictures and words. These pictures are displayed in a way that they can be kept in front of you as a daily reminder of what your dreams and goals are.

What you constantly see is what you think about. Terri puts it this way: “What you think about, you bring about.” As you constantly look at your vision board, your subconscious mind goes to work to begin to bring things, people, and opportunities across your path to lead to the fulfillment of your dreams and goals.

Call to action: Do you have a vision for the different areas of your life? Where do you see your life going in the next five (5) years? Do you have a vision board? How will you keep your vision constantly in front of you?