Starting against all Odds

We often encounter situations that inhibit our quest to rise. However, inside every one of us is the ability to rise above seemingly insurmountable obstacles to achieve greatness. To marshal the indomitable human spirit and serve as an inspiring example for anyone facing adversity on their career journey.

Obvious challenges may exist, such as;

  • Growing up where opportunities are scarce, and dreams seemed like distant mirages. 
  • Growing up in a broken family.
  • Facing financial struggles 
  • Limited access to education 
  • Societal pressures to conform to a predetermined path etc.…

Despite these challenges, your unyielding determination to begin an inspiring career journey must outweigh the limitations. Life plays fair in situations like this, neither of us is left without that inner passion for something, and against skepticism and ridicule, we can brace up for more against all odds.

Obvious paths must be followed;

  • Knowing there is something I can be good at. At this point, your quest to know something about everything and everything about one thing plays out. Knowing that there is that one thing I can find strength in and develop myself in it. In many cases, this is called “Passion”. Armed with sheer perseverance, you can begin to seek out communities and forums to connect with like-minded individuals who share the same passion. 
  • Enhance your skills. Talent is always never enough. Despite challenging environments or circumstances, skills can be developed and enhanced. The discipline of learning must be a continuous practice. Knowledge is never wasted and when skills are enhanced, you are building an impressive portfolio that showcases your talent and potential.
  • Take a chance. As you draw strength from within, life gives you opportunities but many from the fear of failing, never start. You must realize your career advancement is a journey and one that requires continuous improvement. The chances you take today will open opportunities for better options tomorrow.